Walkathon Gallery

Sunday saw the streets of Birmingham filled with 10,000 walkers for the brmb Lookers Vauxhall Walkathon. We were there on the day and took a few pictures!

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Ten Walkathon Tips

Ten Walkathon Tips: 1} Ideally use public transport to get to the start – if you can, leave your car at home! 2} Wear suitable walking garments and shoes that are comfortable and not new!

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Ten Walkathon Facts

Ten Walkathon Facts: 1} The route has varied over the years but the most famous is the Number 11 Bus route to be used this year. 2} 26 miles is the length of Walkathon that corresponds to the Olympic marathon distance.

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Gold Medalist’s advice for BRMB Walkathon

Gold medalist Jo Jackson, Britain’s top female walker, offers advice for the 2011 brmb Walkathon! Jo Jackson is a remarkable race walker and having won a gold medal at the Commonwealth games in 2010 she’s aiming high for the 2012 Olympics but has taken time out from her training schedule in the Pyrenees to give some advice to the participants in the brmb Walkathon.

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