Ten Walkathon Tips

1} Ideally use public transport to get to the start – if you can, leave your car at home!

2} Wear suitable walking garments and shoes that are comfortable and not new!

3} Stay hydrated and drink fluids especially if it is warm.

4} Take food with you or eat from the providers en route.

5} Take sun cream and a warm waterproof in case things turn cold – listen to brmb for the Walkathon weather forecast.

6} Follow the marshals and the signs so you don’t get lost.

7} You will be walking on the pavements so be sensible and take advice at the crossing points from the marshals. Don’t try and cheat at the crossings this may be dangerous.

8} Don’t push yourself too hard and if you feel you have to give in – listen to your body!

9} If you need medication like an inhaler – make sure you have it with you.

10} Be relaxed and enjoy the day – take brmb with you and listen for updates all day!

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