Gold Medalist’s advice for BRMB Walkathon

Gold medalist Jo Jackson, Britain’s top female walker, offers advice for the 2011 brmb Walkathon!

Jo Jackson is a remarkable race walker and having won a gold medal at the Commonwealth games in 2010 she’s aiming high for the 2012 Olympics but has taken time out from her training schedule in the Pyrenees to give some advice to the participants in the brmb Walkathon.

Jo walked 20 kilometres in 1 hour, 34 minutes and 22 seconds not a pace likely to be copied by any of the participants in the Walkathon. But Jo does believe some training for all types of walking events even charity ones is essential and does her practice around the Yorkshire sea side town of Redcar:

“I go down to New Marske and along the coast to Redcar.” This was also one of the favoured walking routes of Dracula author Bram Stoker who was also a serious walker in his day.

Before going to the Commonwealth games she spent three weeks training in a heat chamber at Leeds Metropolitan Carnegie.

“For an hour a day I walked on a treadmill at 60 per cent humidity and 32 degrees and that definitely helped.”

Although it will be nice to have good weather on the 8th May Jo doesn’t recommend this training schedule for amateur walkers.”

Her practical advice includes having decent footwear that has already been worn – definitely not brand new. Socks can be an advantage and talc on the toes and feet will stop skin rubbing on skin and causing blisters which make walking really difficult and painful.

Possibly her best advice to walkers is to go at a steady pace, start slowly and maintain a comfortable natural rhythm and listen to your body.

“Preparation is the key but don’t push your body too hard!”

The brmb team followed Jo’s advice in testing out the 26 miles route and brmb chief Phil Riley approved of her plan:

“I’m a big chap and long distance events are not really my thing but go steady, walk within yourself and take lots of fluid and you’ll get round in a reasonable time and feel very proud. It’s not only a personal achievement but for a great cause.”

The brmb Walkathon takes place on Sunday May 8th.


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