Remembering Stephen Rhodes a consummate professional

The cock-up at the Oscars really made me think about the multitude of award ceremonies I have attended or been involved in in some way over the years and making the announcement of the wrong winner is something as an organiser you go to massive pains to ensure doesn’t happen. I looked back at

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More exciting times from Creative Youth Network

There are as yet more exciting times from the Creative Youth Network and the next meeting will be in the UK. The programme is looking good and if you need any information let me know.

Ed Doolan on Dementia

This is the BBC show on Ed and his dementia. It is the second part of the show but thank God he is still relatively active, thanks to Chris, and still can be as funny as ever! There is a strong focus on the Christmas show that he has done for so many years and

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Beatsabar – take a peak – great to see!

Beatsabar will be involved in one element of the WCR involvement in the CYN project. Definitely worth a look for 2017! This will have a really exciting element working with some great partners across Europe. The programme looks interesting with the climax taking place in Wolverhampton early next summer. Just click on above!

Made in Birmingham

YourTV logo

For those of you who are unaware Big Centre TV is no longer in existence and has been ‘acquired’ by Made TV who now own several licences across the UK. Having failed to win Birmingham as YOUR TV it will be interesting to see what they do! Although watching online has some relevant local material.

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