Fusion in person

"Fusion Festival"

Ryan Phillips’ brilliant picture from the stage of the Fusion Festival – is there a gap in there? At the end of the evening with Cofton Park at its most beguiling and why it is one of the greatest venues in the UK!

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Fusion Festival linklist

Fusion Festival took place last weekend, and we’ve since had a look over the internet to see what stories and pictures have made their way online.

Below is a (not-exhaustive) collection of links to various articles and images about Fusion Festival, along with some of the photo sets that were taken by professional photographers who attended on the day.

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The unmistakable Jessie J

She is extraordinary and her on-stage performance shows massive energy – so talented, great charisma and presence!This is my picture!

Fusion Rocks Brum

The Fusion Festival gave Birmingham its greatest pop show in years as 21 acts over two days created a real buzz for the city with a festival already scheduled for 2015. I shall be posting all the massive amount of media and the dreamy afternoon before everything hotted up – coverage will be posted probably

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Jessie J in Birmingham

Jessie J is in the top five singles in the US. Forget the hype that she has to be in America to hit the biggest pop market in the world! She isn’t deserting the UK; she is working on her potential. Anyway, she’ll be in Birmingham at Cofton Park – so be there with

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