Health and YourTV

I don’t know if it is something we’d do on YourTV Birmingham but in the recent edition of Embarrassing Bodies there was coverage of the Ultrasound Event at Tamworth including pics of the portaloos!

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Mike interviewed on BBC WM

This morning I was interviewed on BBC WM by Adrian Goldberg, talking about local television and YourTV Birmingham. You can hear the audio below – there are some clicking noises on it which seem to be present on the iPlayer, so I apologise for that!

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The Birmingham Media Story and YourTV

YourTV logo

YourTV logoFollowing the Government’s announcement of its plans to create a tier of local television stations, YourTV has already announced its intention to apply for the local television licence in Birmingham. As more and more media production leaves Birmingham, YourTV Birmingham aims to redress the balance by giving the city its own local television station, made by and for local people.

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