Success in Lisbon

Having recently returned from the Lisbon meeting for the in.P.U.T project. I thought I should mention it as many people have asked me what is the aim of the project.

We are working together in the field of Cultural,Arts and events management and I’ll be happy to give anyone who is interested more detail.

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Mike interviewed on BBC WM

This morning I was interviewed on BBC WM by Adrian Goldberg, talking about local television and YourTV Birmingham. You can hear the audio below – there are some clicking noises on it which seem to be present on the iPlayer, so I apologise for that!

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The end of BRMB

We are on the verge of the demise of the original names of BRMB, the other stations in the Orion Network with the creation of Free Radio!

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Legal Eagles Fly in Birmingham

Chance to see legal eagles fly!

Many people would be delighted to see 90 members of the legal profession leaping off high buildings. Don’t be disappointed – on the 10th March members of the Birmingham Law Society and friends will be abseiling off the Wesleyan Building in Birmingham. ‘Leap off’ starts at 10am and

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Owen and Andre – pitch perfect.

I couldn’t resist posting this picture courtesy from the photo-smart Jules Annan. I can’t remember the circumstances but we were just ensuring that Peter had a much access to the press as is humanly possible.

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