YourTV is back on track

YourTV Birmingham is still in the game – rock and roll!

The not entirely unexpected demise of CityTV has given YourTV Birmingham a real chance to change the face of local television in Birmingham.

As we said in our application, ‘the programming output will be a service for all walks of life because it will be created by people from all walks of life.’

We now believe we have a real chance to bring this service to Birmingham which will be totally unique, refreshing and reflecting the interests of Birmingham.

My quote to the world!
“The response from our partners and investors has been fantastic. My phone has been buzzing with people asking what they can do and if there is a chance we can rescue this licence for Birmingham. I am saying – Yes – let’s wait and see and we will respond to the opportunity that we wanted so much in the first place.”

For the full story from Jon Griffin of the Birmingham Post check it out..

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