Attenborough a danger with women!

David attenborough kisses bird

David attenborough kisses bird

Not often does one imagine David Attenborough eliciting the kind of reaction from women that is usually reserved for the likes of George Clooney. But that is exactly what he threatened to do at a 1961 Television and Radio Industry Club meeting in Birmingham where “his charm and wit held the audience spellbound”. The club decided not to allow ladies to attend his speech for fear of the hysteria David might create. I wonder how they’d feel if they saw his recently broadcast Dinosaur show.

Not all TRIC events have gone down so spectacularly, however. The Annual Ball of 1963 was particularly abhorrent for one member, who sniffed that it was “deplorable” that the men on the top table dared not to wear tails. Such a cavalier attitude gave him a “terrible feeling” that they were “allowing our Annual Ball to degenerate into a dance”. A dance! Outrageous. Add to that a powder room that was certainly “not of the standard our ladies have come to expect” and it is a wonder that all hell did not break loose. Especially if the ladies had been hoping for a repeat performance from the man himself.

This year TRIC is 80 years old and the members have a spring in their step having been founded in 1934 it is the oldest broadcast media organisation/society in the world!

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