Suzanne Virdee – the saga continues!

I fear one should be circumspect when discussing presenters leaving jobs. Sometimes a show isn’t working with a given presenter, sometimes their skills aren’t recognised and we can’t all be Nicholas Parsons and present a show for over 800 episodes. Nonetheless objectively Suzanne Virdee ticked all the right boxes. I remember her as a pukka journalist with all the right skills, admired by her newspaper colleagues and then she’s ‘discovered’ by the BBC and is on the box with the prime anchor slot on regional TV.

She was a Youtube hit with her on screen ‘legs’ in 2010 and her engaging on screen presence and a very competent and accomplished presenter at any kind of event. So where did it all go wrong? Rumour has it there is legal action in the air and I shouldn’t want to be involved in any sub-judice issues. Nonetheless I have no doubt Suzanne will emerge in the near future and enhance her career. We’ll offer a gig anyday and the future is local TV!

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  • BBC_watcher

    The whole saga stinks of something very personal. I think we can assume that she did nothing for which she could legitimately fired, or the BBC would have defended their decision publicly at the time of the announcement. The way it was done was appalling. For her not to be allowed to appear for the last two of her contracted broadcasts, so that she could celebrate her long-standing success was as deliberately humiliating as the BBC could make it. Let’s not forget that their method was insulting and probably hurtful to the hundreds and thousands of viewers who liked her, respected her talents and experience, and will miss her, as well as a personal blow to her own confidence. Having said that, I suspect that she is very tough underneath her attractiveness, and she will make the experience into a positive one that spurs her on to greater things. She obviously has a huge following, so the BBC has really screwed up, particularly as there was no explanation given. Mike – you mention her legs being on show in 2010. Could it be that someone was jealous? In fact, could it be that she was generally too successful for comfort? She was, after all, very well respected professionally, as well as a heartthrob for many people (not including me of course…) I realise it was a different section of the BBC, but when one compares this with how they behaved towards Jonathan Ross, who had publicly done something palpably unpleasant towards another, it makes you realise just how petty and two-faced a large organisation can be. I look forward to seeing Suzanne Virdee again soon. Her dignity since this happened speaks volumes about her. I think she is great – as you may have gathered.

  • Bbcviewer

    BBC should be proud of their hard working dedicated presenters.
    The personality of certain charactors brings more viewers. BUT…BUT when you put some managers with no common sence will and surely will bring the business to its low level.
    Well done managers. Proud of you. Keep the good work going.
    SHUTTING THE BBC will save a lot of money.