The end of BRMB

We are on the verge of the demise of the original names of BRMB and the other stations in the Orion network, to be replaced by the creation of Free Radio!

It is not difficult to see what difference it is likely to make to the output as 75% of the programming between the various stations in the network is already shared. It is possible to predict the demise of the last 25% of focused local output as it would make logical, commercial sense.

In Graham Young’s article in the Birmingham Post and Birmingham Mail it is obvious that commercial imperatives have lead to the demise of some of the earliest station names in UK commercial radio history. According to boss Phil Riley: ‘Free (Radio) is designed to protect ┬árevenues by making it easier for national advertising buyers to respond to a brand that can now be marketed right across the Central West TV region.’

Phil admits to being nervous about the ‘transfer’ period. Obviously the worse case scenario would be poor awareness, declining revenues and audiences. If it works then the opposite will be true and Phil can sleep easily – or in his words ‘I’ll be thought of as the butcher of Birmingham!’

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