Media Meeting and the BBC

There have been a number of points that emerged from the media meeting at the Botanicals and I’ve summarised more of them here. I think with the local and mayoral elections coming up now is a good time to get our message across. But congratulations to Gisela Stuart and Martin Mullaney for being prepared to start the debate!!

There are key decision makers in this region but where is the vision that set up the NEC, NIA, ICC Symphony hall etc? Birmingham and the region needs great media and some kind of focus ( place or entity) for us all to relate to. Skills that we have and skills that we need should be identified and promoted.

Our own ‘Media Quarter’ would be nice! Funding is good but let’s not make the mistake of giving to the ‘usual suspects’ let’s see openness in respect of any funding as well as utilising the great investment businesses that do exist in Birmingham – together we can squeeze money out of them for the right ‘sound’ creative ideas. In this climate no-one deserves a penny for half baked ideas that will provide no return!

Suffice it to say that the BBC is gone and may not return in a meaningful way for 20 years….if ever.

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