Caroline Flint reveals her intolerance!

Here we always try to catch the national and local news to keep up with the developing issues and the spin that some journalists appear to want to put on stories. I believe that a broadcast journalist should be a ‘conduit’ to a story and not the story itself. The classic example of the opposite is the BBC’s Robert Peston who will pontificate on all manner of economic news without reference to the sources or the individuals involved – except for the irritating phrase ‘the BBC has learned….’

Unusually I was early to the TV and saw the end of the Daily Politics Show in which Iain Sinclair was making some rather romantic points about the mud flats and industrial wasteland ┬áthat existed before the concrete canyons of the Olympic site. He made some interesting points and time will tell if the site ends up like the many other deserted ghost towns of previous Olympic Villages. However the ‘fragrant’ Caroline Flint was spectacularly rude, imperiously waving Mr Sinclair to keep quiet and then talking over him as if he was mad. It revealed an unpleasant side to her nature that bothered me but helped me appreciate why she is so disliked by many – even those on her own side!

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