BBC not pulling out of Birmingham

I thought this might be an interesting quote on BBC Birmingham – for the purposes of this post I won’t say who made it or when but a guess would be a good idea!

“The BBC is not pulling out of England’s second city. Now that we have a much clearer picture of production requirements in Birmingham, we are in a position to give output guarantees, which will give everyone more stability. It also means we can move towards a final decision on whether to refurbish Pebble Mill or relocate to a city centre location.”

BBC Resources Head Margaret Salmon said: “While programme production from Pebble Mill is healthy, the majority of the output does not require expensive, studio facilities. Most of Pebble Mill’s network production is location based; as a result utilisation of these studios has halved in three years to around one third of capacity,”

“The changing environment and spare capacity across the industry was one of the main reasons the BBC and Granada recently joined forces in Manchester. Unfortunately we don’t have the same option in Birmingham, as Carlton moved almost all of its network production out of the city several years ago.”

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