Two Strangers…until Monday

(This article was originally published as a press release in 2006.)

This morning, live on BRMB’s Big Brum Breakfast, the Two Strangers who are due to wed on February 6th spoke to each other for the first time, live on-air.  As revealed by presenters Elliott Webb and Caroline Martin, the bride is 28-year old Rebecca Duffy, and the groom is 30-year old Craig Cooper.

BRMB’s listeners voted in unprecedented record numbers on Thursday via text and e-mail.  Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 received over 100,000 votes in just a few hours and station staff worked long into the night tallying up the numbers.

All the losing brides and grooms expressed their disappointment at not succeeding in getting the opportunity to walk down the aisle on Monday.  However, all three men said that they felt Craig was the most suitable bridegroom.

The brides not-to-be, although also sad that they would not be wearing the wedding dress on Monday, will all be bridesmaids and are looking forward to giving their complete support to Becky on her big day.

Interestingly, both bride and groom spent their time in the safehouses cooking for the others – and Craig swiftly became known as “the next Jamie Oliver” by his housemates.  Craig had composed a letter to Becky in which he expressed his hopes and dreams for their forthcoming relationship.

In their on-air conversation, Becky asked Craig “do you mind living on a boat?” – as her home is a narrowboat on the Birmingham canals.  Craig explained to BRMB staff that he was looking forward to the first ten years of this new relationship.

Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 will take place on Monday at the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham.  The bride will be arriving in a horse-drawn carriage at approximately 12:30, with the ceremony beginning at 1pm.

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