Two Strangers and a Wedding – worldwide interest!

(This article was originally published as a press release in 1999.)

Two Strangers and a Wedding, BRMB’s attempt to find two complete strangers who are prepared to marry on the 25th of January, has met with world-wide media interest.

Two Strangers and a Wedding was launched on air before Christmas and over 200 men and women attended the primary interviews held at the Hyatt Hotel in Birmingham. From the short list of twelve, four men and four women will go through to the last stage.

This week the four women have been interviewed on air by presenter Elliot Webb. Friends and family have been invited to add their views and a lie detector test followed the live interview. Detailed questionnaires and even astrologic charts, prepared by Russell Grant, have been part of the selection process. This has also included inteviews with a relationship counsellor.

Next week the men appear on air before the final decision is made and the couple marry and take a honeymoon in the Bahamas followed by a home in Symphony Court, Birmingham’s prestigious canalside development, and the use of a car for a year.

The wedding takes place on the 25th of January at the Hyatt in Birmingham.

A variety of exclusive deals with national media organisations are already in place and interest has come from French, German, South African, and American media. The top talk shows in the States – The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno – are vying to have the couple on their programmes.

BRMB Station Director Julie Fair has been astounded by the massive level of interest.

“We expected considerable local interest in Two Strangers and a Wedding, and the level of debate has been very high. The national and international interest has taken my breath away. Nonetheless this has focussed our minds on ensuring that we find a couple as compatible as possible and who will be happy. This will be the biggest wedding in Birmingham this year and one of the biggest media weddings!”

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