Two Strangers and a Wedding: The Final Countdown

(This article was originally published as a press release in 1999.)

At the end of January two strangers will be married in Birmingham courtesy of BRMB, Birmingham’s number one commercial radio station.

The station began the selection process for Two Strangers and a Wedding before Christmas. Over 200 face to face interviews have been conducted with prospective brides and grooms!

The interviews took place at the Hyatt Hotel Birmingham on Saturday January 2nd 1999.  Over 100 women and 100 men took part.

The station is now in the process of choosing the final twelve to go through much more vigorous interviews. This stage will involve in depth interviews, psychometric testing, a lie detector test, astrological charts and interviews with friends and family.

The station has rebutted criticism that the search for the ideal couple is anti-marriage. Station Director Julie Fair says the station is taking a responsible attitude.

“What we are saying is that marriages are based on common values and attitudes rather than looks and short lived attraction. This is a real attempt to look at all the elements that make a marriage work and apply them responsibly.”

The couple that are finally chosen won’t meet until wedding at the end of the month. Following the ceremony at the Hyatt hotel in Birmingham, the couple will leave for a British Airways holiday to the Bahamas.

On their return to Birmingham they will be presented with the keys to a prestigious home in Symphony Court, Birmingham and the use of a car for a year!

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