Two Strangers and a Wedding returns!

(This article was originally published as a press release in 2006.)

96.4 BRMB – Birmingham’s number one commercial radio station – is bringing back Two Strangers and a Wedding, once dubbed “The greatest radio event since Orson Welles stunned America with War of the Worlds”.

Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 is launched today in a bid to find two new strangers who are prepared to be married, live on the radio, without having met before.  BRMB’s panel of experts will select four grooms and four brides from auditions to be held on January 14th and 15th.  The finalists will then put themselves in the hands of BRMB’s listeners, who will have the ultimate choice in deciding the final couple.

The first wedding of strangers Greg Cordell and Carla Germaine in 1999 created an exceptional reaction, gaining massive publicity not just in the UK but also throughout the world.  The wedding is now recognised as the first “reality” media event in which ordinary members of the public were put in extraordinary situations.

The first event was hosted by BRMB’s breakfast show presenter Elliott Webb, who says:

“I don’t think that Two Strangers and a Wedding has ever really gone away. On a regular basis we are asked about Greg and Carla and the story appears every time weddings are in the news. This is seven years on and I suppose there was an ‘itch’ to do it again!”

The co-host of this year’s event will be Caroline Martin, Elliott’s new co-presenter on the Big Brum Breakfast.  Caroline says:

“Having presented advice shows on BRMB I know how high a priority the whole issue of marriage is with our listeners.  Our research has shown that marriage is under terrible pressure in the UK for a whole host of reasons.  Civil weddings have massively overtaken Church weddings. Fewer and fewer people in their 20s are getting married than ever before. For some couples it now makes more financial sense not to marry. Besides, just this week a survey shows the average price of a wedding is now over £17,000.

“With Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 we’ll be promoting marriage. Not only will we find a compatible couple but we’ll take away the pain of the cost of the marriage and support their lifestyle for a year.”

Both presenters will be actively involved in the decision making process. Participants will be invited to attend auditions on January 14th and 15th at a venue to be announced.

Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 will take place in early February.

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