Two Strangers and a Wedding – newlyweds return

(This article was originally published as a press release in 2006.)

This week, the newlyweds from BRMB radio’s Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 arrived back in the UK after a week-long all expenses paid honeymoon in Bermuda.  Craig Cooper and Becky Duffy married last week at the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham, meeting for the first time at the altar, after BRMB’s listeners voted for them in their tens of thousands via text and e-mail.

The new Mr & Mrs. Cooper will shortly be moving into a luxury apartment in the centre of Birmingham as part of BRMB’s commitment to supplying the couple with “married life” for a full year.  Not only are they getting a new home, but Craig and Becky will also have all the financial stresses of their first year of marriage taken care of by BRMB.

Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 created an enormous reaction not just in Birmingham but around the world as well.  Moments after the couple touched down and began their honeymoon, they saw pictures of their wedding in the local papers.  Becky said:  “We became ‘celebrities’ in Bermuda from the second we arrived – on one journey our bus was actually stopped because passers-by wanted our autographs!”

Craig and Becky spent their honeymoon getting to know each other, and catalogued their week in a video diary.  Craig said: “We’re taking things slowly at the moment, but I’m loving every minute of it – this is a once in a lifetime experience and Becky and I would never have met if it weren’t for BRMB!”

The Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 billboard poster campaign has caused a stir in the city and resulted in some rather unusual requests – the AMC cinema on Birmingham’s Broad Street have had customers asking for tickets to see  Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 – the movie!

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