Two Strangers and a Wedding: Marriage is Compulsory!

(This article was originally published as a press release in 1998 – Two Strangers and a Wedding was originally meant to take place that October but ended up happening in January 1999!)

Today BRMB Radio – Birmingham’s No. 1 Commercial Radio Station – is searching for two strangers who must get married. The only problem is they don’t know it yet!

The station’s “Two Strangers and A Wedding” competition will seek a single man and a single woman from amongst its listeners. After applying to take part, the entrants will be whittled down to a small group over a six-week period. Advisers, astrologers, counsellors and friends of the contestants will be invited to help make the decision and on October 12th the bride will be chosen.

On the October 19th the bridegroom will be picked from the finalists. The couple will meet on October 26th before jetting off to the Caribbean for their honeymoon.

A host of other prizes will greet the couple on their return from honeymoon to start the rest of their married life!

Prospective brides and grooms are being invited to enter from all over the UK and already the station has been inundated with calls from prospective contestants.

The competition is similar to one that has just gripped Australia and resulted in a happy union!

BRMB Programme Controller Paul Jackson believes it’s as good a way as any to get a partner:

“Arranged marriages have a better chance at lasting than the romantic sort  – we’re constantly told that by a variety of the communities we have here in Birmingham. So we thought we’d prove it in the ultimate arranged marriage! We will be taking advice from all the experts and parties involved. It will be the wedding of the year!”

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