Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 – Couple to split

(This article was originally published as a press release in 2006.)

Craig and Becky Cooper, the couple who married on the day they met in BRMB’s Two Strangers and a Wedding 2, have announced that they are to split after only 3 months of marriage.

Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 culminated in Craig & Becky’s wedding day in February.  At Birmingham’s Hotel du Vin,  surrounded by family and friends, Craig and Becky said their vows and were determined to make their marriage work.  On the day Becky said “I don’t want our marriage to end up in divorce.  We’ll both work hard to make it work”.

28 year-old Becky and 30 year-old Craig are separating after Becky discovered Craig had been texting a female work colleague texts that Becky felt were inappropriate to be sending to a ‘just a friend’.  Becky says “I was devastated, I’d put so much effort into our marriage.  He never sent me texts like that and he was supposed to be my husband”.

Becky says she had noticed problems between her and Craig as he became more withdrawn and cold towards her.  Craig says “I started to have nagging doubts about what I’d done and I think Becky sensed it”.

Since their wedding day Craig’s feelings towards Becky have changed.  Craig admits that on the day he met and married Becky he did fancy her, but now see’s her more as a sister or friend than wife and lover.

Becky says she doesn’t regret getting married or entering Two Strangers and a Wedding 2.  However, she did want her marriage to be more passionate and romantic. Craig says that he could have put a little bit more effort into their relationship but had been crumbling under the pressure and had to tell Becky the truth.

BRMB have expressed their sadness over the break up.  Adam Bridge, Programme Controller of BRMB, says “Naturally we are all very upset to hear that Craig and Becky have decided to live apart.  It seemed as if all was going well and that there was going to be a long term relationship.  However we respect their desire to separate and will continue to support them during this difficult time.”

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