The Naked Wedding Nerves Build Up

As Kelly and Lee build up to their Naked Wedding nerves are beginning to take hold. Kelly was the first to realise the pressure that the naked wedding meant:

‘It was so important to win the wedding and the opportunity to achieve the wedding that we couldn’t afford – the reality of being nude didn’t really hit me. Now it’s so close I’m dreaming about the day. One of those dreams where everyone else is dressed and you are the only person with no clothes on.”

Kelly and Lee are working with brmb and their partners to make sure everything is as it should be. Kelly is confident:

‘Everybody is so helpful that I’m sure it will go well but I couldn’t imagine that I’d feel so nervous.’

The nervous feelings will go up to the day when they marry on Tuesday 15th March:

‘I shall have that sense of relief when it is all over and I can’t wait for that moment.’

The final elements of the wedding are being organised over the weekend.

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