Naked Wedding couple have final jitters?

Kelly Clinton and Lee Wiggetts – finalists in brmb’s Naked Wedding – explained that they were feeling the jitters as they chose their wedding rings at Piccadilly Jewellers in Birmingham over the weekend.

Kelly is feeling very stressed out:

“It has been a real whirlwind trying to get everything sorted in time. We’re both working and that has meant real pressure. I have never had so many texts on my phone – it was taking hours to get through all the calls.

“Everyone has been really helpful from the hairdresser – Kennedy – who wanted to get all the hairstyles with a common theme to the hotel and the registrars and now the jeweller.’

Lee was more ‘relaxed’ he said:

“The stag ‘do’ is all sorted and I’m really looking forward to that. Getting the family and friends to the Honiley Court Hotel has been my most difficult moment. But Nash coaches of Smethwick have been really helpful. I think Kelly is feeling more of the stress.’

And the ‘naked’ bit? Kelly said:

“It’s been crazy trying to get everything organised then every so often I think about being naked as well and get nervous. I’d be nervous even at a normal wedding but this is a bit frightening but I’m ready in my mind – I think.”

Lee is still the less stressed of the couple:

“We’ve made the commitment in every sense and we’re going to do it. It has been a whirlwind and no-one will ever forget this wedding!”

Finally Kelly:

“I never expected this level of interest – we’ve had journalists pushing letters through the door and a big financial offer for a naked picture beforehand. I’m not doing it!”

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