Gok Wan provides definitive advice for the Naked Wedding!

Gok Wan, presenter of TV’s “How To Look Good Naked”,  has provided the ultimate guide to being married – naked.

On the Jo & Sparky Show on brmb, Gok discussed the best way to manage a naked wedding but at first the unflappable Gok was taken aback saying:

“This is the most narcissistic wedding I’ve ever heard of in my entire life!”

Although rapidly overcoming his initial shock he did have some specific ideas if he was going to organise a naked wedding:

“Everyone would have to come in the buff!”

His advice to the bride and groom who will be naked at brmb’s wedding was:

– “Definitely blusher”
– “He might need some concealer somewhere”
– “A blow heater” – to ensure male pride
– “There must be no mistakes when the confetti get sent out.”

Jo asked Gok about the best possible guest costume and what she should wear. Gok’s answer provided the perfect solution:

“A full body leotard, flesh toned and I would get a very good artist from the university to draw on a naked body. That’s naked but not naked!”

Gok also advised ‘chicken fillets’ for ‘useful padding’. For the uninitiated that didn’t mean something from Tesco but small padding used in dress design!

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