250 register for Two Strangers and a Wedding!

(This article was originally published as a press release in 2006.)

Over 250 people have registered for BRMB’s Two Strangers and a Wedding 2!  In a repeat of the controversial marriage of 1999, the UK’s first ever reality media event, the listeners of Birmingham will have the ultimate choice and will vote for the final couple.

Interviews of the prospective couples will take place on Sunday 15th January.  The prospective grooms will be seen from 9am to 1pm at the Jury’s Inn hotel in Birmingham. The brides’ interviews take place at the City Inn from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.

Interviewees will fill in profile forms before face to face interviews with a team of inquisitors. None of the interviewees will know if they will be going forward until the following week, when the panel of judges meets at BRMB on Monday to decide on a shortlist of 15.

Two Strangers and a Wedding 2 then moves forward with pace. The next day, the finalists will be knocked down to eight – four grooms and four brides. Then they will be taken to a secret hideaway for the build up to the final announcement.

Birmingham’s listeners will then get the chance to hear from each bride and groom over the next two weeks before voting for the winners of Two Strangers and a Wedding.

Secret plans are being finalised about the wedding location and the honeymoon. The winning couple will not only have a spectacular wedding, honeymoon and a home for 12 months but other essentials that will support their new married life for a whole year.

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